Adreama Tesla Model 3/Y Glovebox Cover Overlay Made With Real Premium Dry Carbon Fiber (Ships Within 5-7 Days)

Adreama Tesla Model 3/Y Glovebox Cover Overlay Made With Real Premium Dry Carbon Fiber (Ships Within 5-7 Days)

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Though often neglected, adding decorative flair to your Tesla glovebox is a elegant touch worth investing in. The Adreama Tesla Model 3/Y Glovebox Cover Overlay is hear to upgrade your Tesla interior. Real dry carbon fiber allows you to experience the best quality available, ensuring long lasting durability and topped off with an exceptionally polished appearance. This product is available for the Tesla Model 3 and Y with a matte finish or a glossy finish for the Model 3 for woven carbon fiber. 
  • Premium Carbon Fiber: The Adreama Tesla Model 3/Y Glovebox Cover Overlays are manufactured in what you may commonly see written as "pre-preg carbon fiber to CNC'd alloy model" on other websites. This is a process of shaping carbon fiber, using a computer-guided alloy model, and then hardening it in an autoclave to create a strong and high-quality product.
  • Precise OEM Fit: Replicating an OEM fit, the Adreama Tesla Model 3/Y Glovebox Cover Overlay ensures seamless integration with your vehicle's original equipment. Crafted with precision, they are tailored to match Tesla Model 3/Y's specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit and enhancing both style and aerodynamic functionality.
  • Stylish Design: There's no reason you can't decorate even the more discrete parts of your Tesla. Even your glovebox deserves the extra flair and protection from our Adreama Tesla Model 3/Y Glovebox Cover Overlay. 
  • Light Installation Process: Like many of our products, the glovebox overlay also features easy installation. The product includes 3M robust adhesive to ensure that your glovebox will be securely attached. To ensure the adhesion is at its best, wipe down the glovebox with alcohol before installing.  

Treat every area of your Tesla with the gifts that it deserves, with the Adreama Tesla Model 3/Y Glovebox Cover Overlays. Bringing next level flair and protection, this cover is an optimal choice when it comes to Tesla accessories. With easy installation to boot, we're sure it'll be hard to say no!

Covered by a 1-Year Warranty for peace of mind.

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