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Eco-friendly Lightning to USB-A Cable - 1.5m
Eco-friendly USB-C to USB-C Cable - 1.5m
Eco-friendly USB-A to USB-C Cable - 1.5m
Eco-friendly Lightning to USB-C Cable - 1.5m

Why do I see the GRS logo?

Adreama green product line is produced with the earth in mind. That is why you see the GRS logo to let you know that the product is made of recycled plastic it claims to have. GRS also ensures a greener supply chain across the board so that you are confident that our products have a lesser impact on the environment.

Packaged with less means more

Our packaging design uses the least amount of material possible, reduces the use of plastic, and it is printed with chemical-free ink. This makes the packaging fully biodegradable, sustainable, recyclable, and lesser waste going to our landfill.

You don’t need to choose…

Adreama makes it easy for you to care by ensuring that you don’t lose anything when you invest in GRS products – The FIT, FINISH, FUNCTION and PRICE is kept the same as regular items so that you don’t need to think twice to care about our planet.