Adreama Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk/Frunk Hooks, 2 pack (Ships Within 5-7 Days)

Adreama Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk/Frunk Hooks, 2 pack (Ships Within 5-7 Days)

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Designed specifically to be placed inside the Tesla's front trunk to cleverly organize your belongings and maximize space. Get the most out of your Tesla's storage with the Adreama Tesla 2021/2022 Model 3  Front Trunk/Frunk Hooks!

  • Strength and Practicality: The Adreama Tesla Front Trunk/Frunk Hook provides robust and practical storage solutions. Hang fragile or heavy items confidently, knowing they won't drop and risk damage to your valuable belongings. The hooks can maintain loads up to 15 pounds!
  • Precision Fit: Our meticulously designed hook fits your Tesla with precision, leaving no gaps or slips. This ensures it caters perfectly to your storage needs, enhancing the overall organization of your front trunk.
  • Premium Material Quality: Committed to longevity, we select only the finest materials for our products. The Adreama Tesla Front Trunk/Frunk Hook is built to withstand frequent and heavy item usage, guaranteeing its durability over time.
  • Effortless Flexibility: With its nimble and lightweight design, the Adreama Tesla Front Trunk Hook seamlessly hooks onto your trunk with no hassle.

Opt for the Adreama Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk/Frunk Hooks to elevate your Tesla's storage organization while maintaining peace of mind for your valuable possessions. Make the most out of your Tesla's front trunk space with this smart and practical accessory. 

Covered by a 1-Year Warranty for peace of mind.

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Perfect for grocery bags and more.


Easy to install and sturdy.

Ana M.

Quality hook for Tesla owners.


I love the added convenience. Really nice hooks.

Satoshi Y.

Great for road trips.