How to Organize Your Tesla's Interior with Aftermarket Accessories

How to Organize Your Tesla's Interior with Aftermarket Accessories

The interior of a Tesla is renowned for its minimalist design, featuring sleek lines and a clutter-free environment. However, this minimalist approach can sometimes leave you searching for ways to keep your essentials organized. Fortunately, a variety of aftermarket accessories can help you enhance the functionality and organization of your Tesla's interior. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to organize your Tesla’s interior with these accessories and where to find authentic and reliable products online, including Adreama, a trusted marketplace for Tesla car accessories.

1. Center Console Organizer

The center console in Teslas, especially in the Model 3 and Model Y, offers ample space but lacks built-in compartments. A center console organizer can solve this problem by providing designated spaces for your items.

  • Tray Organizers: These fit perfectly into the center console and come with multiple compartments for storing coins, keys, sunglasses, and other small items.
  • Sliding Organizers: These are versatile as they can slide back and forth, allowing easy access to the lower compartment of the console.

Where to Buy:

  • Tesla Shop: The official Tesla online store offers high-quality center console organizers designed specifically for Tesla vehicles.
  • Amazon: A wide variety of third-party options with customer reviews to help you choose.
  • EVANNEX: Specializes in aftermarket Tesla accessories and has a range of center console organizers.

2. Seat Back Organizers

Seat back organizers are essential for keeping the backseat area tidy, especially if you have children.

  • Multi-pocket Organizers: These attach to the back of the front seats and come with various pockets to store tablets, books, snacks, and toys.
  • Kick Mats: These protect the back of your seats from dirt and scuffs while providing additional storage pockets.

Where to Buy:

  • Amazon: Offers a variety of styles and brands to suit your needs.
  • Tesmanian: Known for its high-quality accessories designed specifically for Tesla vehicles.
  • Adreama: Provides a range of durable and stylish seat back organizers tailored for Tesla models.

3. Trunk and Frunk Organizers

Tesla’s trunk and frunk (front trunk) provide extra storage space, but without proper organization, they can quickly become chaotic.

  • Trunk Storage Bins: These bins fit perfectly into the trunk space, allowing you to organize groceries, sports equipment, and other items.
  • Frunk Organizers: Custom-fit organizers for the frunk help keep your emergency kit, charging cables, and other essentials neatly arranged.

Where to Buy:

  • Tesla Shop: Offers tailored solutions for both trunk and frunk spaces.
  • Abstract Ocean: Provides a variety of organizing solutions specifically for Tesla models.
  • EVANNEX: Known for its high-quality, Tesla-specific accessories.
  • Adreama: Offers custom-designed trunk and frunk organizers to maximize your Tesla’s storage capabilities.

4. Under-Seat Storage

Utilize the space beneath your seats with under-seat storage solutions.

  • Storage Boxes: These are designed to fit under the front seats and are ideal for storing items that you need but don’t use frequently, such as an extra pair of shoes or emergency supplies.

Where to Buy:

  • Amazon: Multiple options available with customer reviews to guide your purchase.
  • Tesmanian: Offers specially designed storage solutions for Teslas.

5. Door Pocket Organizers

Door pockets can easily become a catch-all for random items. Keeping them organized is essential for a tidy interior.

  • Pocket Inserts: These custom inserts fit perfectly into the door pockets and provide compartments for storing smaller items like pens, notepads, and hand sanitizers.

Where to Buy:

  • EVANNEX: Provides custom-fit door pocket organizers for various Tesla models.
  • Amazon: Numerous options available from different sellers.
  • Adreama: Features high-quality door pocket organizers specifically crafted for Tesla vehicles.

6. Dashboard Organizers

The dashboard area, particularly around the touchscreen, can benefit from additional organization.

  • Phone Mounts: These are essential for keeping your phone within easy reach and view. Choose from magnetic mounts, vent mounts, or mounts that attach to the dashboard.
  • Cable Management: Magnetic or clip-on cable organizers keep charging cables neat and tangle-free.

Where to Buy:

  • Abstract Ocean: Offers a variety of phone mounts and cable management solutions.
  • Tesla Shop: High-quality, Tesla-approved accessories.
  • Amazon: Various options with user reviews.
  • Adreama: Supplies innovative dashboard organizers to keep your cockpit neat and functional.

7. Floor Mats and Liners

High-quality floor mats and liners not only protect your Tesla's interior but also help keep it clean and organized.

  • All-Weather Floor Mats: These are perfect for protecting your car’s interior from dirt, mud, and spills.
  • Custom-Fit Liners: These liners fit the exact contours of your Tesla’s floor, providing maximum coverage and protection.

Where to Buy:

  • WeatherTech: Renowned for its durable and precisely fitting mats.
  • Tesmanian: Offers custom-fit floor mats specifically for Tesla models.
  • Tesla Shop: Official all-weather mats designed for your vehicle.
  • Adreama: Provides premium floor mats and liners tailored for Tesla’s interior, ensuring maximum protection and style.

8. Storage Hooks and Hangers

Storage hooks and hangers can be incredibly useful for keeping your Tesla’s interior organized.

  • Headrest Hooks: These hooks attach to the headrest posts and are perfect for hanging bags, purses, and groceries.
  • Coat Hangers: Specialized car coat hangers can be attached to the back of the front seats, keeping your jackets wrinkle-free.

Where to Buy:

  • Amazon: Wide range of options from various sellers.
  • EVANNEX: Offers accessories designed specifically for Tesla interiors.
  • Adreama: Stocks a variety of high-quality storage hooks and hangers to keep your interior clutter-free.

9. Center Console Wraps and Covers

Keep your center console free from scratches and fingerprints with wraps and covers.

  • Vinyl Wraps: These are available in various colors and finishes, allowing you to customize the look of your console while protecting it.
  • Silicone Covers: These offer a softer touch and can be easily removed and cleaned.

Where to Buy:

  • Abstract Ocean: Known for high-quality wraps and covers designed for Tesla models.
  • Amazon: Various options with customer reviews to guide your purchase.
  • Adreama: Offers a selection of stylish and protective wraps and covers for Tesla center consoles.

10. Miscellaneous Accessories

A few additional accessories can further enhance the organization and functionality of your Tesla’s interior.

  • Sunshades: Custom-fit sunshades help keep the interior cool and protect the dashboard from sun damage.
  • Trash Bins: Compact trash bins designed for car use can help keep your Tesla clean and clutter-free.

Where to Buy:

  • Tesla Shop: Offers official sunshades and other accessories.
  • Amazon: Numerous options for car trash bins and sunshades.
  • EVANNEX: Known for high-quality, Tesla-specific accessories.

In Summary, By incorporating these aftermarket accessories, you can significantly enhance the organization and functionality of your Tesla’s interior. Whether it’s through specialized organizers for your center console, trunk, and frunk, or practical additions like seat back organizers and under-seat storage, these accessories ensure that everything has its place, making your driving experience more enjoyable and stress-free. Invest in quality products from trusted online stores like Tesla Shop, Amazon, EVANNEX, Abstract Ocean, Tesmanian, and Adreama, and enjoy a clutter-free, organized ride every time.


  1. Are these accessories easy to install?
  • Yes, most of these accessories are designed for easy installation without the need for professional help. Instructions are usually included with the products.
  1. Can I find accessories specifically designed for my Tesla model?
  • Absolutely. Many online stores, including Adreama, offer accessories tailored to specific Tesla models to ensure a perfect fit.
  1. Do these accessories affect the aesthetics of my Tesla’s interior?
  • Most accessories are designed to complement Tesla’s sleek and minimalist design, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.
  1. How do I maintain and clean these accessories?
  • Maintenance varies by product, but generally, most can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mild cleaner. Specific care instructions are often provided by the manufacturer.
  1. Are these accessories covered by warranty?
  • Warranty policies vary by retailer and product. It’s advisable to check the warranty details on the retailer’s website or with the manufacturer before purchasing.