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Adreama is looking for premier cellular and consumer electronic resellers to promote, showcase and sell our mobility accessory products. If you are interested to become a reseller of Adreama products, as a new applicant, please submit a filled in Reseller Application form below.

If you are an established reseller already, you may want to view our “Media” page where you may find additional resources helpful to you with the sales of Adreama products.

Adreama dares to dream…

Thank you for your interest in Adreama products. Adreama loves to do what we’re good at and that’s the mobile accessories sector. We’re constantly dreaming up of new ideas for products and provide product opportunities at the turn of a dime. Adreama is always looking for ways to do more, better, smarter, faster, and cheaper. Adreama is also looking at new potential categories, to expand our brand awareness, and developing or sourcing new concepts that align to the fast moving pace of technology products that shape or reshape new market spaces.

Why Adreama brand products?
Because Adreama has had over 5 years of experience in the fast moving mobile accessories business that did not exist 8 years ago. Our proven dependability track record of an industry leader providing support, great terms, and the energy and focus of a young startup company.

Adreama sees opportunities or speed bumps well ahead of the others and we are able to maximize opportunities for you the vendor; we’re constantly developing and sourcing new product and categories well before others. Adreama travels abroad on a constant basis to source out the latest and greatest.

When become a Adreama reseller, you can enjoy our backing of all products we sell with margins you are expecting. Our team is open to your thoughts and we’re able to customize packaging akin to your requirements.* Best of all, our minimum order quantities will very much surprise you.

Adreama is able to support its resellers with comprehensive product information, tools and resources, which helps support a dealer’s sales efforts.

For more information on how to become a reseller go to you can contact us directly or you can start with our initial application form below to become a reseller. Click here to download PDF.

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TERMS: NET 30 DAYS FROM DATE OF INVOICE OR PAYMENT BY CHECK/CHEQUE, PAYPAL, or CREDIT CARD, carrying charges of 2% per month on invoices outstanding over 30 days or as agreed upon. I hereby authorize Adreama to obtain such reports or information as may be deemed needed in connection with this application. This consent is given to pursuant to SECTION 12 of the PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT OF BC. The above information is for the purpose of obtaining credit and is warranted to be true. Unless otherwise stated, I agree to pay all bills within 30 DAYS from the date of invoice or as otherwise expressly agreed. Failure to do so may incur interest penalties.

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Need Further Assistance?

If you need extra assistance or have any questions regarding how to become a reseller, please contact us.