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Wireless Charging Pad, 15W, Round - White (Wall Charger Included)


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$49.99 CAD
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$49.99 CAD
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$49.99 CAD

Power up your iPhone, Android, and other Qi-enabled devices with Adreama’s wireless charging pad. A perfect solution for busy workstations or households, this wireless charging pad keeps your Qi-enabled devices powered up while you are working. Simply place your device on the wireless charging pad and it will automatically start charging with no stress of finding a cable for the charger. It delivers a reliable 15W of output power to save time when recharging mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

  • It automatically detects the maximum wattage your device requires to charge it at optimal speed
  • Fast charges iOS devices up to 7.5W and Android Qi-enabled devices up to 15W
  • Built-in overcharging and over-circuit protection 
  • Includes: AdreamaQC 3.0 18W Wall Charger and USB A-C cable
  • LED charging indicator ring light turns off in 30 seconds so that it doesn’t disrupt sleep 

Covered by a 1-Year Warranty for peace of mind