Luminosity Antibacterial Screen Protector for iPhone XR

The Antimicrobial Glass Screen Protector provides permanent antimicrobial functions, blu-ray eye protection, anti-fingerprint oil coating, and scratch resistance. Using Dual Ion Exchange Technology directly implanted into the glass, it permanently inhibits the growth of algae, microorganisms, molds, fungi, and other harmful bacteria. Other antimicrobial screen protectors may use laminate or surface coating which fades over time. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are always being protected.


Using Adreama’s Antibacterial Screen protect your screen from bacterias and daily bumps.

Double ion exchange technology (silver ion + copper ion) is used to allow silver ions to be implanted inside the glass to control the growth and activity of microorganisms, thereby permanently achieving the antibacterial effect.

• Permanent antibacterial function
• Blu-ray eye protection
• Scratch resistant
• Anti-fingerprint oil coating

Additional information


iPhone not included.


Compatibility iPhone iPhone XR / 11
Product: Adreama Antibacterial Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max / XS Max
Technology Type: Screen Protector
Screen Protector Dimentions: Height: 5.5 inch
Lenght: 2.6 inch
Material: Tempered Glass (with implanted Silver Ions and Copper Ions)
Contains: 1 x Screen Protector
1 x Wet Cleaning Wipe
1 x Dry Cleaning Wipe
Warranty: Store policy