Adreama USB-A to USB-C Duratyn Cable | Black 1.2m

With Adreama’s Duratyn USB to USB-C Cable you can charge, sync and transfer files at high speed consistently. Cable is made with durable and stylish braid Duratyn, which are resistant to kinking, bending and environmental impact.



Charge your device quickly and safely as well as sync your photos, music, and data to your device with Adreama’s cable at convenience of 4ft.

• High quality nylon cable of 4 ft length
• Reversible on the USB-C end
• Nylon braided jacket cable for less likelihood of entanglement and is generally lighter and stronger than regular cables
• USB works with power sources as well as on PC or Mac


Product: Adreama USB-A to USB-C Duratyn Cable 1.2m (4 ft)
Technology Type: Charge/Sync cable
Compatibility: Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablets
Jacket Material: Duratyn Triple Braided Nylon
Cable Length: 4 ft (1.2 m)
Color: Black
Quantity per box: 1
UPC: 712411986001
Warranty: Store policy