Adreama SIM Adapter

Need to change from a small SIM format to large? Adreama’s three pack SIM adapter is everything you need to use your SIM cards across mobile devices. You can change it from nano to micro, nano to standard or micro to standard. Each adapter is made of durable, high-stress plastic, and lets your SIM card fit perfectly into it. Ideal for travelers having the ability to switch between devices.

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This three-pack SIM adapter by Adreama is everything you need to use your SIM cards across devices.

• Three-pack of SIM conversion adapters
• Nano to micro, nano to standard and micro to standard adapters
• High-stress, durable plastic SIM card fits snugly

Additional information


Also refer to Adreama's "SIM Cutter" product for a solution to punch out a nano or micro sized SIM from a regular sized SIM card.


Product: Adreama SIM Card Adapter ( 3 size conversions)
Technology Type: Nano AMD Micro SIM Adapter
Compatible Brands: Various cell phones/tablets that use nano, micro and standard SD cards
Compatible Models: N/A – converts to larger sized SIM
SIM Size: Conversion Nano to Micro, Nano to Standard, Micro to Standard
Jacket Material: Durable flexible plastic
Color: White
Other available colors: No
Contains: 1 x SIM Adapter
UPC: 70062110075
Warranty: Store policy