Adreama Fitbit Flex Bands Set | Gray, Black, Teal

Adreama Fitbit Flex replacement bands with its own individual metal clasps. Made from durable, easy to wash silicone material, the Adreama brands are comfortable to wear and comes in stylish colors for replacing your damaged, soiled or lost Fitbit Flex bands. Pick a tri-pack set that suits your taste or share one with your friends. Available in Large sized band tri-packs and small sized band tri-packs.

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Your style is unmistakable. With these Adreama Flex replacement bands, you can find one to match your individual style. Compatible with your Fitbit Flex (tracker sold separately), this package comes with 3 different colored bands, ideal for replacing damaged or lost bands, or just if you just want to change things up.

Each tri-pack set comes with 3 different colored bands with its own metal clasp (3X). Available in large or small sets as noted on packaging.

Each band measures approximately: 9”L x 0.5” W x 0.4” H (Large)



Additional information


-Compatible with the Fitbit Flex model only
-Fitbit Flex Tracker sold separately
-Includes 3 replacement bands w/ individual metal clasps for your Fitbit Flex
-Easily change the colour of the band to match your individual style
-Ideal for replacing damaged or lost bands


* Note: Adreama Fitbit Flex Tri-Pack bands are not an endorsed product by Fitbit Inc. Specifications subject to change without notice. Tracker not included.