Adreama Blaze Frame & Band Set for Fitbit

Adreama’s new Fitbit Blaze frame and band set is ideal as replacements or if you want to add some flair to suit your taste. Metal frame will perfectly fit for your Blaze tracker and the matching white leather strap has its own set of spring loaded pins just like the original ones.



Adreama’s new Fitbit Blaze compatible metal frame and leather strap set. Quality frame-band set can be easily removed and installed with the tracker module and its bands just like the original. Currently comes in a rose gold coloured frame and matching white leather strap set. Frames are ideal for replacement of a damaged frame or if you just want to mix it up.

• Steel frame perfectly fits your Fitbit Blaze tracker
• Easy to remove/install bands with spring loaded pins just like the existing ones
• Quality matching white leather strap with rose gold metal frame & buckle
• Cvailable in natural silvery stainless steel,black, rose gold or gold metal color
• Comes preassembled

Additional information


Comes in large size only. Fitbit Blaze tracker not included.


Wearable Technology Type Activity Fitness Tracker Band & Frame
Compatible Brands Fitbit
Compatible Models Fitbit Blaze
Other Features
Wearable Accessory Type Replacement metal tracker frame/buckle and leather band
Designed for Sports & Fitness Yes
Water Resistance Yes
Dust Proof Yes
Attachment Location wrist
Frame & Buckle Material Stainless steel alloy
Frame & Buckle Color Rose Gold
Frame Dimensions 1.8" x 1.8" x 0.3" (4.5 x 4.5 x 0.76 cm)
Band Material White leather
Bands Dimensions 0" x 0" x 0" (4.5 x 4.5 x 0.76 cm)
Band Wrist Size Large
Weight 0.0 oz (11 g) Frame band and buckle set
Removable Band Yes
Pin Type for Blaze bands with spring pins ( included )
Package Width 0" (19 mm)
Package Height 0" (124 mm)
Package Depth 0" (70 mm)
Package Weight 0 oz (35g)
Quantity per box 1 frame + strap set
  • 712411985233
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* Note: Adreama Fitbit Blaze frame and strap set is not an endorsed product by Fitbit Inc. Also refer to Adreama’s other Blaze compatiible products. Fitbit Blaze tracker is not included. Specifications subject to change without notice.