Adreama 2 in 1 SIM Cutter

Have a new phone that requires a micro or nano sized SIM? With Adreama’s high quality steel cutter, you can now make your own micro or nano SIM from the standard sized SIM; it can be used for your newer phone. The cutter can handle thousands of consistent, precision cuts accurately. Simply insert the standard sized SIM into the punch with the desired SIM size on the bottom and then press the lever down and you are done; it’s as easy as that. One piece design, no assembly required.

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Repurpose your standard sized SIM card to a micro or nano sized SIM with Adreama SIM cutter punch.

• Standard SIM Card to Micro or Nano SIM Cards
• Precise steel construction punch
• Compact design
• Easy operation
• Sharp metal punch good for thousands of accurate punches
• Emery cloth included

Additional information


Does not include any SIM trays no SIM ejector pins. Light sanding on SIM card with the emery cloth provided may be required for the SIM after punch out.


Product Adreama 2 in 1 SIM Cutter ( 2 size conversions)
Technology Type Nano amd micro SIM Punch
Compatible Brands Punchs standard SD cards to micro or nano sized SIMs
Compatible Models Mobile phones/tablets requiring micro or nano SIMs
Operation Simply insert regular sized SIM card into the cutter and press down
Power N/A
SIM Style Nano or micro sized SIMs are punched out from standard SIM
SIM adapters Not included
Construction Material Carbon steel
Color Black
Dimensions (approx) 2.2" W x 4.7" L x 2.75" H (55 W x 120 L x 70 H mm)
Weight 7 oz (200 g)
Contains 1 x SIM Cutter
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UPC 799430265270
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