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Company name Other notes
Operating Brand name: Adreama
Email: please use contact page make it to the attention: of Media


Company Quick Facts

Adreama is a brand formed in 2000 to provide new innovative products for the retailing businesses. The first mobile phone accessories such smart phone cables, and cases came to market starting in 2010. The company’s founder is a well known importer of goods for big box stores with numerous successful first to market products under his cap. Today, Adreama has become a major supplier of mobile accessories, wearable products for the North American market. Products include power banks, cables, phone cases, ear buds and more.

– Adreama is a privately labeled source of imported goods

– Accessory products for the mobile/consumer electronics sector

– Certified, quality manufactured accessory products you can trust

– Adreama has been in operation for over 5 years

– Adreama is privately held



Tag Lines

“Pioneering minds who dare to dream”


Company Description Overview Text

25 Words:

Adreama is an importer of mobile phone accessories and consumer electronic products. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Adreama products are available at Fry’s Electronics, USA and Best Buy Canada.

50 Words:

Adreama is an importer of mobile accessories, and consumer electronic products. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Adreama offers quality products for the North American markets to big box stores such as Fry’s Electronics, USA and Best Buy Canada. Adreama is actively expanding its product lines to different categories in the near future.

100 Words:

Adreama is an importer of mobile accessories and consumer electronic goods. Its head office and warehousing facilities is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Adreama has its own team of procurement staff, designers, logistic staff and administrators optimized for handling and distributing large and small volumes of goods from the Asia Pacific Rim corridor to the out reaches of North America. Adreama products can be found in big box stores such as Fry’s Electronics in the USA and Best Buy in Canada. Adreama continues to source innovative, quality and value driven goods for retail businesses throughout North America.




Adreama_logo_blk You may download on any of the Adreama logos in your desired format from below:

(*Note: some logos may require to be resized for your specific print or web needs. Desktop publish software such as Adobe Illustrator will be required for file manipulation. For best results, use a scalable vector format such as .ai or .eps files provided below ).

Adreama Logo- JPEG Format – RGB – 300dpi – (600px x 132px)

JPEG format – black logo on white background(RGB): CLICK HERE. (28KB)

JPEG format – grey logo on white background(RGB): CLICK HERE. (22KB)

JPEG format – white logo on black background (RGB): CLICK HERE. (28KB)

Adreama Logo – PNG Format – RGB – (375px x 80px) with transparent backgrounds

PNG format – black logo: CLICK HERE. (24KB)

PNG format – grey logo on transparent background: CLICK HERE. (23KB)

PNG format  – white logo on transparent background: CLICK HERE. (24KB)

Adreama Logo – Adobe Illustrator ai vector Format –

.ai format – file set of color variants (CMYK): CLICK HERE. (1.1MB )

Adreama Logo – encapsulated postscript (eps) vector Format –

.eps format – ganged file set of color variants (CMYK): CLICK HERE. (679KB)

Adreama Logo – Scalable vector graphics(svg) vector Format –

.svg formats – ganged file set of color variants (rgb): CLICK HERE. (14KB)

Adreama logo in editable  Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) – (CMYK) below:

.pdf format – Rich-Black logo (CMYK): CLICK HERE. (177KB)

.pdf format – Gray logo (CMYK): CLICK HERE. (175KB)

.pdf format – White logo (CMYK) on black background: CLICK HERE. (182KB)

.pdf format – All versions ganged up file of logo (CMYK): CLICK HERE. (213KB)


Using Adreama Trademarks

A trademark can be a name, a logo, shape and colors, or even a tag line – any word, symbol, or device used to identify a company’s products or services and make them standout from those of other companies. Because strong proprietary trademarks are essential in building the Adreama brand, we view trademarks, logos, slogans as being are very valuable assets. It is important that media and retailers use Adreama trademarks carefully to prevent customer confusion about quality, ownership and responsibility and to protect the valuable time and effort, and investments Adreama has already put in.

Adreama trademark/logo use/information and guidelines and information are available here: Adreama_logo_guidelines.pdf

*For further information about use of the Adreama name and its logo/trademarks, please contact us. For any other file formats, any special requests for artwork such as hi resolution images ( see “Photo Gallery) or assistance that may be required, please contact our art department at:

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