Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding Adreama and its products. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We look forward to answering all your questions.

What is your warranty and return policy?

If you are not satisfied or the product is defective from the time of purchase, simply return it to the place where you originally purchased it for either a refund or a replacement unit; the time limit is relative to the stores stated policy. A sales receipt will be required to show proof of purchase.

I misplaced my product instructions sheet. Can I get a replacement sheet?

For Adreama products that includes an instructions sheet, they can be found in our “ Support “ webpage. If you cannot find it there, please contact us and we will be happy to email or mail you a copy.

Where are your products point of origin?

Most of our products are manufactured in China. The products we sell all meet our stringent guidelines and require certifications. Electronic products sold by Adreama have the necessary certifications such as UL, FCC, CE, etc. as required and demanded by our retailers and localized governments.

Can I buy older legacy Adreama products still?

At this point in time, Adreama’s mobile accessory products that are nolonger manufactured are no longer being available from our manufacturers. However, we may still possess some inventory and if that is the case, we will be happy to accommodate your needs. The mobile industry if fast moving and most models are quickly by superseded by newer models. Email us for your specific requirements and we will get back to you.

Is Adreama hiring?

Adreama is always looking for qualified personnel to join our talented existing team. If you think you have the skills and personality of someone who we are looking, go to our “Careers” page for further contact information. Only those candidates with the right fit will be contacted. Thank you for your interest.

The product is not quite the same as what is shown on the packaging and website.

We strive to keep both the product and its corresponding literature, packaging/labeling and website up to date but unfortunately, that may not be possible all the time. (eg. slightly color of product) Contact Adreama if you have any specific concerns regarding your product.

We are manufacturer and have products that may interest Adreama. How do we initiate a meeting to review our products ?

Adreama is always looking out for innovative products especially in the mobile electronics accessories business, connected home and fitness, and computer cables. If you think you have sometime unique to offer us, we will be happy to review the item. Contact us using the “contact page” or “Get in Touch” button below to send us an email. Throughout the year, we visit trades hows abroad in Asia and the United States as well and can arrange suitable meetings convenient to both parties.

What future products are you offering under the Adreama brand?

At Adreama, we are always open for new ideas and continually listening to our resellers since they know what sells and what market opportunities exist. At this moment, we’re sourcing and developing new innovative products but they cannot be divulged at this point in time. Be sure to check out our website for any updates or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and updates.

Can I buy your products directly from Adreama online?

If you are an end user customer, we unfortunately do not offer any direct sales through the internet as of yet. Adreama products are currently retailed in the United States at all Fry’s Electronics stores and in Canada, we’re found at Best Buy, and various mobile phone stores under “Glentel”such as Wireless Wave stores. All these stores has an excellent e-commerce store front and we highly recommend you to buy from them. If you are a reseller and seeking our Adreama products in volume, go to our contact link at for more information.

I am interested to become a dealer and carry your products. What are your terms, shipping and minimum quantities?

If you would like to become a dealer as a reseller, you can request our Terms of Agreement document from our the “reseller” web page. The pdf will require all new prospective resellers to fill out and signed. We will perform the necessary credit check and reply you shortly with further details. Upon reviewing the information provided, we will get back to you. Depending on your commitment we may also offer Point of Purchase Displays, marketing material, SAS requirements, terms for payment as well as product support. Depending on quantity, products can be shipped by ground directly from Adreama or have products drop shipped to you from our oversea’s source(s).

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